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Damascus Blades Best Affordable Kitchen knives Set with Roll Bag 

Damascus Blades If You Are Looking For a Best affordable kitchen knives set At The Good Price Damascus Blades Is The Right Place For You.

I Use High Quality Material,
I Do Excellent Finishing And We Provide Good Quality Leather Roll bag. We Make Few Knives But With Love & Quality.

Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set

The High Grade Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives Set Used For These Blades Consists Of Layers  Low Carbon & High Carbon Mixture Welded, Forged & Hammered Several Times To Obtain Up To 352 Layers. The Hardness Of These Blades Up To 58 HRC On The Rockwell Scale, ensuring top functionality and longevity.

**Buy With Confidence**


Damascus Blades Best affordable kitchen knives set

Custom made Damascus Chef knife Set + Leather Bag